3D Animation And CGI

Imagine the impossibilities.

When most people think of CGI (computer generated imagery), they think movie special effects or flying logos. But CGI can also be used to visualize technical concepts that would be difficult to illustrate in any other way. We can show cut-aways, animate internal components or reveal things that are invisible to the naked eye.

In addition to animation, CGI is also a useful way to create very high quality photo-realistic illustrations for product or prototypes.

Tell your story with animation

What is Computer Generated Imagery?

Think of it this way: CGI attempts do virtually with numbers, what a camera does with light. In designing these virtual environments, we create and position models, cameras and lights in a similar way you would in a real studio (even setting things like depth of field or light fall-off). But we can do some strange things that would be impossible in reality. Our world is unbound by gravity or other physical constraints. With such open ended possibilities, imagination and artistry become very important.

Story Artwork

What can you use it for?

Beyond flying logos, we have used CGI to:
  • Illustrate medical devices
  • Demonstrate mechanical processes
  • Render product prototypes
  • Visualize a wide variety of complex graphic concepts
  • Create artwork and book illustrations

How does the process work?

  • Create the digital 3D wireframe models

Our "sculpting" software tools are one way to create models. We can also work with 3D scanners or existing CAD/CAM files.

  • Assign visual properties to the wireframe objects

Attributes like highlights, transparency, refraction, reflection and an unlimited array of texture maps can be set.

  • Animate camera, objects, lights, etc.

This can be as simple as panning a camera across the subject. It can also involve a team of animators (did you stay for the credits after the movie Avatar?)

  • Render the scene

Our computers can be a set to render multiple frames for an animation sequence or just one very high resolution frame for large format print use. Imagine billboard sized CGI.

Our Software

Computer generated imagery offers you a great way to let your imagination run free. We have decades of experience in CGI and utilize the most advanced software applications like Maya and MODO by Luxology. Contact us for more information or to view additional samples.

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