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We all know that marketing and selling products online is a huge revenue opportunity. However, simply putting your products on your website and adding a shopping cart is only the very first step to running a profitable online business. That’s why we don’t simply build online storefronts - we also work with our clients to plan and execute online marketing programs. This often involves understanding the unique nature of your market, structuring appropriate web marketing goals and designing tactics to execute those goals.

Making Your Market

If you want to be successful in the competitive world of online shopping you need to make sure that you’re properly identify and targeting your key markets. MindActive will work with you to achieve these goals from the very beginning. We can help you in:

  • Identifying target audience and the purpose of your site
  • Giving a clear point of difference and unique value proposition in your marketplace
  • Employing current SEO methods to target your audience
  • Providing clear information on your products or services, shipping, etc.
  • Crafting a simple, straightforward design and site navigation, search, checkout, etc.
  • Providing a safe & secure validation as a brand promise

Promoting Your Products

Once you’ve identified your market, you’ll need to make sure that they’re finding their way to you! MindActive employs several different approaches to both viral and traditional marketing channels. Below are just a few examples of successful marketing campaigns we have run in the past:

  • Provide a webcast of your latest product/service launch
  • Engage your customers using a cell phone promotion
  • Utilize a web contest to drive traffic to a specific product or promotion
  • Customer Referral Marketing including “Share this" concepts for user generated content
  • Email-based referrals
  • Refer and spread the word/cause
  • Providing premium membership for frequent shoppers
  • Social media marketing - Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Customer recognition programs

We Include the Kitchen Sink

MindActive knows that running an online digital storefront requires so much more than just a set-it-and-forget-it mentality. That’s why we will work closely with you to identify your specific needs and tailor an e-commerce solution that fits both your goals and your budget. To that end, we can help you think through and execute on all aspects of an e-commerce solution, including:

Web Tactics

  • Call to Action Pieces
  • Information architecture
  • Organization of web information according to goals
  • Identification of primary "calls to action" for example:
    • Receive our newsletter
    • View today's special sale item(s)
    • Buy 2 at discount
    • Recommend to a friend
    • Submit a Review
    • Learn More
    • Coupon program
    • Sign up & join frequent buyer club
    • Creation of site navigation scheme
    • Primary navigation
    • Secondary navigation
    • Tertiary navigation
    • Easy, secure check out process
      • Site search functionality
      • Usability assessment
      • SEO - (Search Engine Optimization)
      • User Analysis - who is coming to your site and what are they doing
      • SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
      • Banner Ad Management
      • Email or Newsletter Marketing
      • Microsites
      • Blogs

Tactical Execution

  • Web programming - website, elearning platforms, social networks, live technologies
  • Application installation, module installation
  • Web design
  • Copywriting
  • Information architecture
  • Media creation - photo shoots, video shoots, audio recordings
  • Asset production - videos, images, audio
  • Hardware setup - webcams, microphones, computers, monitors
  • Server setup / maintenance - We have basic web server options or streaming media servers for live content or YouTube like video delivery

Goal Conversions

  • Are you selling more product, gain more membership, spreading your message effectively, etc.?
  • Are shoppers contacting you?
  • Are they purchasing more than one product?
  • Are they signing up, requesting more info, to receive a newsletter, etc?
  • Are they qualified customers - the right demographic to reach your goals?
  • How many customers have been referred?


  • Unique visitors
  • Pages visited
  • Time spent on each page
  • Search terms
  • Bounce rate

Surveys / Polls / Questionnaires

  • Tell us how we're doing
  • Rate us
  • Rate a product


A site's Click through Rate (CTR) is a kind of measurement of how easily a user can move though and get the information they want. You may have heard of the "three click rule". The navigation (or information architecture) is a critical part of the site design and planning phase. For example, an e-commerce site might want to show a set of products at once so the shopper can compare easily without clicking through pages. Then more information can be provided if needed.

Design and Visual Appeal

Great photography can make or break a sale online. Consider the distinction between a clear product shot and a lifestyle oriented image. Which connects best and where? Overall the site needs a consistent brand identity. The trend in web design for e-commerce is clean and crisp. Visual Information is presented in a way that conveys a secure and professional image, a company that you would trust.

Product Information

Item details including, meta data (i.e. Meta Title, Meta Description and Meta Keyword), Item Title, Specifications carry tremendous value. This is an effective way to help your customers know what an item is. Try to create options for writing reviews on respective products. This feature facilitates retaining your customers longer on your web pages. This level of detail also helps with site search and SEO relevance.

Directions on ordering merchandise; return and exchange policies; terms and conditions; and customer service should be easy to find, read and understand. A telephone number for customer service can help increasing customer loyalty in your site and generate more leads.

Transaction Simplicity and Security

We design the checkout process to be as easy as possible. One of the most important factors of an ecommerce website is the simplicity of its transaction process. If a customer has to click through five or six web pages or fill out a long form, he/she may just tire and give up. A transaction process should be completed within three clicks. We can also implement an express checkout.

Finally, always ensure your customer knows that your website is secure and that their privacy will never be compromised. Display a message telling your customers that they are safe in your hands. A footer link to your privacy policy is not always enough. MindActive works with various well established financial institutions that offer payment gateway services. Some of them are PayPal, Google CheckOut, Protx, etc. This gives you and your customers the piece of mind that your site's online transactions are verified to be safe and secure.

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