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Powerbars mobile charging

   The new generations of mobile charging have higher and higher mAh power storage some as high as 30000mAh or more.…

06 Jan 2016 Mobile New Technology Phillip No comments

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Billions in Change - The Story of the 5-Hour Energy…

The way money should be spent if you have the wherewithal. This guy started with one product, 5-Hour Energy...…

04 Nov 2015 Design Marketing Phillip No comments

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The Making of the Leica M9-P Edition Hermès – Série…

A way cool look at attention to detail on packaging of a great product Video Available and provided by Vimeo - The…

06 Oct 2014 Advertising Packaging Print Video Phillip No comments

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NCBA CLUSA Mobile App Video preview launch

This is the app video for pre launch marketing for a client. We are currently building this app and will…

06 Oct 2014 Mobile New Web Design Phillip No comments

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5 Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

These days, almost everyone has a website but not everyone has a good website. There are plenty of websites that…

22 Jul 2014 Design Web Design Websites Shawn Baldwin No comments

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Which Social Platform is Right for You?

So, by now, everyone has heard the news: that social media is here to stay and it is integral to…

15 Jul 2014 Marketing Social Media Shawn Baldwin No comments

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A Think-Piece About Potato Salad

On Monday, news broke about a Kickstarter campaign that had gone viral. Zack "Danger" Brown had created a campaign centered…

09 Jul 2014 New Opinion Shawn Baldwin No comments

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When Good Research Goes Bad: Facebook and the Abuse of…

It was recently announced that researchers from Cornell and University of California had been conducting mood experiments on Facebook users…

30 Jun 2014 Opinion Social Media Technology Shawn Baldwin No comments

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