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Interested in learning more about SharePoint? MindActive's own Jen McCarty has published an e-book, SharePoint On-Premises For Administrators. This guide is intended for current and future SharePoint on-premises administrators.

Why read the book? Because SharePoint brings out the best and worst in enterprises. On one hand, it can be an extremely useful tool that brings teams together in a collaborative, supportive environment. However, in a worst case scenario, it’s an underutilized platform that no one understands or supports, where team members post documents and leave them to age into obsolescence. This guide is intended to help smooth the path to the first scenario and avoid the pitfalls that lead to the second.

With this guide, learn:

  • Tips on overcoming user adoption hurdles and setting up end user training
  • Pre-configuration best practices
  • Technical descriptions of content types, including list, library, and page parts, and
  • Types of user permissions and access
  • Interested in purchasing a copy for yourself? Buy it now!


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