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Why Is This Clown Hacking My Website?

You might be thinking that your website is safe from online hackers - that no one could possibly be interested in your…
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SEO – With the Switch to Mobile First Looming Around the Corner, Here’s What You Need to Know

In early 2016, Google announced that its search engine will make a switch to mobile first indexing, sending webmasters and SEO experts…
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More Than Custom Emojis – What Polygram’s Facial Recognition Software Could Mean for Developers

I’m no social media junky, but even the most reclusive internet user would be hard pressed not to download Polygram. That’s because…
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Collaborating on a Budget Is Much Easier When Augmented Reality Enters the Mix Sure videoconferencing is a great way of sidestepping expensive…
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Building Credentials – the Best Online Resources for Working Professionals Continuing Education

I, like many other liberal arts majors, found myself lacking the technical skill set and business acumen coveted by today’s market after…
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