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How To Go Viral

How do big brands go (and stay) viral, vs an ordinary web user?
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Machine Learning: What it means for the Creative Industry and Beyond

Technology has always defined wealth and power in the world. Those who controlled it had the power, from developing more efficient farming…
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The Great Debate: Microsoft / Office 365 (SharePoint) versus Google / G Suite (Sites)

First, a disclaimer: I love Google. I’ve used Gmail since it was invitation-only, I’m in Google Calendar several times a day, I…
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Convincing My Mac Users to Give Microsoft SharePoint a Try

Here at MindActive, I’m the lone Microsoft / Windows person in an office of Mac users, so I catch some good-natured grief…
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The MP3 is dead?

When I read this week that the MP3 is dead, I had a moment of panic. As the SharePoint design expert for…
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