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How Can I Utilize Print Media?

At MindActive we focus on a brand’s whole identity. Many of our customers come to us asking for a brand new website, mobile app, or video, but fail to take into account their existing, traditional methods of client acquisition.

This can often lead to a confusing customer experience. They encounter one version of your brand on the web and an altogether different (and outdated) version in the real world through your direct mail pieces, flyers, brochures, or trade show collateral.

When we define a brand, we take all of these considerations into account and make proactive suggestions to merge these two worlds - the digital and the analog - into one coherent strategy. MindActive has an experienced design and messaging team that works with you from the inception of the initial marketing concept. Our studio provides cross-platform support for all the necessary development in both print and digital layout, graphic design, and copywriting so that you can craft a consistent message that reaches your customers both on and offline.

Why should you reconsider your print strategy? After all, you’ve got a great website and you have your social media interns plugging your brand on Twitter and Facebook…what good can print do in this increasingly digital world?

That leads us to a very important question:

Is Print Dead?

Print media has been given a bad rap lately. We’re constantly hearing stories about how print is dying and is being replaced by its digital counterpart. Marketing with social media advertising and SEO strategies for your online presence are necessary. However, print media also plays an important role in today's marketplace.

1) It’s Engaging - Try to think about the last Facebook ad you clicked on. When was the last time an Instagram endorsement caused you to actually take action and buy the product shown on offer? We’re willing to guess that those times are very few and far between. The competition in the digital world is overwhelming. The signal to noise ratio is off the charts and, more often than not, your carefully constructed promotion will be overlooked. It’s difficult to stand out in 140 characters.

How is print different? It’s real. You can hold it in your hands. You don’t idly scroll by it or click it mindlessly. You see the same billboard on the way to work each morning, you pin it to your refrigerator, you interact with it. This tactile experience is something the digital world can never match and it gives you the ability to connect with your customers in an entirely inventive way.

2) It’s Genuine - “Don’t believe everything you read online” has become a common refrain these days - so much so that there are entire websites devoted to debunking myths, fake news stories, and celebrity death hoaxes. People have simply become more suspicious of statements made online where anyone with an internet connection can make wildly unsubstantiated claims.

Print is in a unique position to defy this trend. Because an investment in print requires time, thought, and creativity, it’s often taken as a sign that your business takes itself more seriously and is more credible than the fly-by-night company that hired some interns to put up a blog or YouTube channel.

We believe that print media is an important component and necessary complement to any full-bodied marketing campaign. In short, print is dead.

Long live print!

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