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Understand How You Are Protected

We’re all part of the cyber community, networking our mobile devices, computers, medical tools, even “smart” houses to an invisible grid of information. For an individual, being hacked can be a personal nightmare – but for a business, it can be a nightmare and headline news. No one wants to own the business that shuts down because it’s lost the trust of its consumers.

How can a company protect its data and customers? Every company’s Chief Information Security Officer is deeply invested in the 20 cyber security controls governed by the Cyber Security Council (CSC), particularly – for the past five years, as identified by the CSC - file integrity management and vulnerability management. There are thousands of approaches to remediating the greatest dangers, but very few offer complete coverage. At MindActive, we offer remediation for your top concerns through our partnership with Qualys, the industry’s most advanced, scalable, and extensible solution for vulnerability management and network security.

Qualys Continuous Security

  • + billion IP Scans/Audits a Year
  • 28+ billion Data Points Indexed on Elasticsearch Clusters
  • 1+ trillion Security Events1+ trillion Security Events
  • 99.9996% Six Sigma Scanning Accuracy

More than 9,300 global businesses in more than 120 countries trust Qualys to streamline their security and compliance solutions and build security into their digital transformation initiatives – for greater agility, better business outcomes, and substantial cost savings.

  • The Qualys Cloud Platform offers unparalleled 2-second visibility across all of your global IT assets – on premises, endpoints, and Private or Public Clouds.
  • Secure your digital transformation and embrace a single platform for InfoSec, AppSec, Endpoint, DevSec, and Cloud teams. Security and compliance are built in, not bolted on.
  • Track and sync your global IT assets with your CMDB. Keep your global IT asset inventory up to date – you can’t secure what you don’t know.
  • Continuously assess your security & compliance posture via customizable dynamic user-defined dashboards and alerts.
  • Instantly identify zero-day vulnerabilities & compromised assets without the need to scan or query them.
  • Consolidate your security and compliance stack in a single platform and drastically reduce your IT security and compliance spend.
  • See the results in one place anytime, anywhere, via centrally managed, self-updating, integrated Qualys Cloud Apps, and in a single-pane-of-glass UI (AssetView).

Qualys is easy to implement, easy to use, fully scalable, and requires no infrastructure or software to maintain.

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