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Boost Your SWOT Analysis with this Simple Trick

A SWOT analysis is a useful tool for analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of a business or project. However, it can be challenging to take the insights gained from a SWOT analysis and turn them into actionable goals. Here is one simple trick that can help you bridge the gap between analysis and action.

Before you start your SWOT analysis, ask your marketing team to define what brings them the most joy or satisfaction when doing their job and one or two key aspirations they have. Write down their answers and set them aside.

Once you have completed your SWOT analysis, perform a target sweep of your customer journey to see where your strengths and opportunities align. Then, analyze tactical approaches to validate the goals and determine how they could touch that customer journey. This will help you define a series of KPI targets.

Now, go back and review your team's answers to the two questions you asked them. See how they match or can align with the tactics or overall goals. This will ensure that your team has a strong connection with the tactical approaches and will push to achieve the goals as their own goals align with the ideas.

By aligning your team's personal aspirations with the business goals, you create a shared vision that inspires and motivates everyone to work towards success. So, the next time you conduct a SWOT analysis, try this simple trick to boost your results and make the most of your insights.

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Congratulations, Logan University - Logan.edu is Live!

Congratulations, Logan University, on your web site refresh! MindActive is proud to partner with you and Dovetail on this gorgeous rebranding and web site update, implementing new technology on a fully customized CRM.



From April to October of 2019, MindActive and Dovetail worked tirelessly to build a new, dynamic site that showcases the academic opportunities and student life available to attendees. MindActive took Dovetail’s vision and made it a reality with a highly customized template and design. We integrated existing content, such as the forms system, with the new platform and layout. The new site, www.logan.edu, brings the “Leaders Made” philosophy to life.


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Fontbonne.edu Refresh Brings the Updated Brand to Life

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  • 01 May

MindActive is proud to be a parter on the new and improved Fontbonne web site refresh project! Our goal was to create a fresh, updated site that brings the new brand to life while prioritizing user experience and sales conversion.The new site, www.fontbonne.edu, is live as of March of 2019. The newly redesigned site has provided Fontbonne with a platform to display their history, academic opportunities, and student engagement opportunities. The new site provides prospective and current students, faculty, parents, and members of the community with all of the details that they need to move their vision forward.


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Fine Art Partnered with Poet Laureate Ted Kooser

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The Visual Art Quarterly of St. Louis has published a feature piece on Byron Sletten's ongoing collaborative project, where he and Poet Laureate Ted Kooser pair his original 3D works with Ted's unpublished poetry. See the complete article here.

Drone Footage Captures Ancient Art

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In October, Byron Sletten of MindActive travelled to the Petrified Forest in northern Arizona as part of a team with an Artist In Residence grant. While there, Byron captured stunning visuals with the MindActive drone of an ancient canyon decorated with petroglyphs. This canyon was lined with petroglyphs between 1000-5000 years old. Per Byron, "We were moved by the beauty of all these anonymous artists leaving their work in 1000's of years of time. No one really knows the meaning of these works."


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