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Netflix Original: “Abstract” is a Must Watch for Designers & Artists

“No inspiration comes from nowhere. No invention is based on nothing. You always need to be tuned up and be ready to start receiving the energy you look for.” ~ Nikolay Nikolayevich Semyonov – Russian/Soviet physicist and chemist.
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Quill for Oculus Riff

It’s tough to write about or describe Virtual Reality – because until you “experience” it, everything just sounds like hype. So… here goes anyway.

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Code Academy: Excellent Resource

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  • 10 February

We train clients in site management all the time. Sometimes, a great starting out point are online courses.

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Business embrace the use of video to drive conversion

Usa news reports that "Entrepreneurs ebrace the power of video" 80% more Conversion with the use of video on a landing page.


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AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a new methodology for managing content in a fast, snappy web format. Thank goodness that Google put on the thinking cap and got around to developing this gem.

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