How Frankenhand Became a Superhero Hand

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What if you could actually give someone a hand? What if 7000 of you could give someone a hand..You too can build a hand with the “Handomatic”! 
At MindActive, we create and post videos for clients as part of our business offering.  But what if one of those videos went beyond its intended use to start a revolution by 
harnessing the power of open-source public domain design. A group of digital humanitarians are doing just that.  They are creating metaphorical hands across the world with their 3D printers, plans and a drive to help out kids that need arm and hand prosthetics at no cost.
In 2011 Ivan Owen created a functioning metal hand for a steampunk convention  He posted a simple Youtube video about the process and product. After thousands of views, he was asked to create a prosthetic hand based on his design.  This worked for an adult but when a child’s mother asked, he realized that a child would quickly outgrow a prosthetic and that the cost of replacing them would be out of reach for most.  Owen investigated and then taught himself to use a 3D printer. He teamed up with a professor from RIT Jon Schull and printer manufacturers and launched an unbelievable story of how one man’s creation and generosity created an army that has changed the lives of thousands of designers, makers and children around the world?  
Kids helping kids
Read more about how  Enabling the Future's Frankenhand has become a Superhand!

Giving The World A "Helping Hand" from Jen Martin Studios on Vimeo.


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