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Not all websites are created equal.

How do we provide an experience for your customers that will create a lasting impression and turn potential leads into actual sales? MindActive encourages re-thinking how you approach your presence on the web. A website redesign is an excellent opportunity to critically examine your unique value proposition, targeting customer growth and retention as well as evaluating your competition. We craft your story into a site that goes beyond what you could accomplish with a simple online brochure.

MindActive’s team members hail from diverse backgrounds, from marketing to management, ad executives with 30 years of success to visionary graphic creatives, and fresh talent with an eye on rapidly expanding technology. Our approach to the building blocks of technology employs developers that construct responsive web-applications, which serve traffic in the millions of visitors per day, as well as developing AR mobile apps, and REST-ful web services for clients who demand high-performance geo-location, and content APIs. This winning combination of talent, passion, and support creates sites that are accessible, welcoming, and easy to use for your clientele.

We also know that getting your website live is only the first step in maintaining a thriving online personality. Once your site is live, it’s important to monitor website analytics and use those results to refine your site. This includes improving ranking in search engines, gaining higher lead pull-throughs, and offering better visitor experiences once they find you. MindActive doesn’t abandon you on your launch day - we work with you to provide this important insight and take proactive steps to always keep your site ahead of the curve and relevant.

Building Basics - Content Management Systems (CMS)
Control Your Content And Stay Relevant

So now you’re a webmaster. You’ve got a brand new site to feature your product to the world but how do you make sure you remain relevant? Who updates your blog? Who refreshes your content? Who is making sure that your website doesn’t fade into obscurity, frozen in time like a relic from another age? You probably don’t employ a fully staffed web development team, but the good news is that with today’s technologies, you don’t have to! Enter the world of CMS (Content Management System).

A CMS is basically software, implemented as a Web application (or website), for creating and managing your site's content. It allows non-technical staff to log in from any computer, any browser and make changes to the website in minutes. In other words, once your CMS website is set up and the framework is in place, it is primarily a website maintenance tool for you or your approved content creators to publish web pages. You could, for example, simply copy and paste content from MS Word™ docs and such. Many of our clients update their sites every day, much like a blog.

Key Benefits Of Using A CMS System:

  • Access Level Controls to content / administration levels
  • Secure Member login and restricted content areas
  • Web‐based manager to create and update articles pages
  • Web‐based manager to update navigation scheme
  • Rollback functionality
  • Modules such as polling, event management, surveys or photo/video players
  • Content generated is SEO‐friendly

Additional Options:

  • A Community section (allows for community users to create profiles, share content, posts, photos, articles, internal communications, etc.)
  • Feeds from / into other media sources
  • Newsletter functionality built into site
  • eCommerce or secure payment gateway modules

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