Spectrum Brands Case Study
  • Digital Asset Management System (DAMS)

The Challenge:

Spectrum Brands, a global consumer products company, has a vast portfolio of market-leading products, which are offered in more than one million stores across 160 countries. The Pet, Home & Garden (PHG) division stored and archived data assets, including logos, product images, and SKU information, in a cumbersome manual process. With thousands of SKUs, sell sheets, and other vital information behind the corporate firewall, it was increasingly difficult for field sales team members to get their hands on the best, most current information in a timely fashion. A formal enterprise Digital Asset Management System (DAMS) was the perfect solution to share these resources. The DAMS needed to share resources at scale and integrate seamlessly with Spectrum’s other enterprise software solutions such as content management systems, product information systems, ERP, eCommerce, document management systems, and the corporation’s digital media library. The Marketing and Communications Director for Spectrum’s PHG division reached out to MindActive to help select an appropriate tool.

The Marketing and Communications Director for Spectrum’s PHG division reached out to MindActive to help select an appropriate tool.

The Selection Process:

We presented PHG with four possible DAMS solutions, including Canto Cumulus, and worked with PHG to compare Canto with other existing solutions under the Spectrum Brands divisions. PHG reviewed the features and assets of each platform, including on-premises vs. cloud-based, pricing, etc., and selected Canto. Cumulus supports more file formats out-of-the-box than any other vendor, offers workflow automation, and integrates seamlessly with existing CMS, PIM, and ERP systems. MindActive is one of only two national agencies to offer Cumulus.

The Implementation:

After selection, MindActive developed an infrastructure plan with PHG’s internal teams. We set up a series of dedicated servers for on-premises installation and completed a strategic content organization plan of usability, user experience, and category architecture. MindActive also trained Spectrum’s PHG teams, configured usage and access levels, styled the platform and loaded it with content. The DAMS was deployed to the sales and marketing teams. MindActive now offers ongoing support and maintenance for Spectrum Brands under our ActiveCare program.

The Outcome:

The deployment of the Canto Cumulus DAMS to the Spectrum teams was flawless. The sales and marketing departments eagerly anticipated the functionality and new power made available to them to improve their workflow; they have not been disappointed. Spectrum has now engaged us to provide this powerful tool to their next set of consumer brands.

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