What’s in a Brand?
  • What’s in a Brand?

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Stop looking for branding miracles.

Some agencies may offer quick-fix solutions to "bump the needle." But we think the solution is much more comprehensive than an isolated tactic or even a re-furbished strategy. We think the solution is the brand itself.

Whoever made "branding" a verb didn't do the marketing world any favors. Branding implies imposing external activity on a brand instead of identifying and fulfilling a brand's purpose, promise, and potential. A more efficient and productive plan is to work with us to identify those key messages, then put a set of tactics in place to deliver on your brand's promise. For example, turn the question around, and let your brand be the guide. So, instead of asking "what can we do to my brand”, ask “what would my brand do?” Then decisions often fall into place and you provide a more meaningful message. By the way, this process is ongoing and, should never be completed.

Stop looking for "solutions" and start looking at your brand.

Defining your brand’s compelling attributes and benefits in light of what your target audience cares about and then communicating that via an engaging, compelling brand story is the genius of great messaging. Look for an agency that understands this and can help you bring your brand story to life.

The two basic questions in marketing:

# 1 “Why should I care?”

The ever-present question subconsciously posed in your customers’ minds is, “What are you (the brand) saying, offering or promising that I should care about?" If you can’t get them to care, then you’re just more noise in their overly noisy world. Note that in this point of view it’s about what they care about, not what you care about.

# 2 ”Why should I believe your claims?"

The second ever-present question is “What is my reason to believe?” Why should I trust this brand? How is trust established? What proof does the brand offer? Proof can be word-of-mouth from a trusted source, an expert endorsement, industry leadership, performance history, case studies, testimonials, etc. Just because these truths are fundamental doesn’t mean they are going to be easy to define.

You 101

To answer these questions and start to define your brand, we need to learn about you. MindActive will work with you to understand your business from the floor up. We’ll start with a discovery process to find your audience, learn about them, and create specific marketing collateral that appeals to them.

Want a break-out brand? We can help.

Have a project? We're here to help you create it.

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