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The 1990s brought about the internet revolution. Everyone who was anyone rushed to put up a website and stake their claim in this brave new world. Now, we are living in the second wave of this technological evolution - in short, the smartphone has changed everything. We can no longer be content with simply reaching people in their homes; society has gone mobile and if you want to remain relevant, so must you.

MindActive is a chief trailblazer in developing cross-platform websites that look great and function seamlessly across desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets. This ensures that your customers have a consistent experience no matter how they choose to visit your site. We employ the latest SEO methods to ensure the most relevant version of your website across multiple platforms.

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When the app store opened in 2008, it seemed that there was a veritable gold rush of apps flooding the market, doing everything from helping you manage your finances to being digital whoopee cushions (yes, really).

In the ensuing years, many of these apps have withered on the vine and died. Why is that? They didn't connect with their audiences. MindActive designs apps that are cutting edge in their technology and a mobile compliment to your web presence. We work with you to discover where mobile technology fits into your overall marketing strategy and develop applications that fit your brand and are a powerful way to connect to today’s mobile audience.

In addition, it’s important to make sure your site works on tablets and smartphones. Mobile-enhanced websites are a great way to reach out to online customers and clients. If you are using social media marketing, this is really important.

Digital is now and it’s time to get all your sales information out of drawers and into the hands of your customers — anywhere in the world. Turn brochures into dynamic visual presentations on tablet devices for trade shows, exhibits, or sales meetings.


Augmented Reality has become a growing trend-setter in the mobile application world. With ActivateINK, MindActive has created a new technology that uses image recognition to unlock digital content on your mobile device. This can take the form of videos, animations, and audio clips. ActivateINK serves up stories about places, attractions, non-profits, businesses, and events – some fun, some serious, some never told.

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