Holograms: Advertising for the Future!

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In advertising, innovation is the name of the game. At this point in time, most people filter out the relentless television and internet advertisements that attempt to sway them. It's time for something different, something novel.


Sounds complicated, I know. Remarkably, the technology is surprisingly simple. At Mindactive, we are bringing this technology into the mainstream as we introduce large-scale hologram projects for corporate events. As shown in the video, the process calls for a four sided prism a display and a video that is mirrored four times. As you can see, the result is incredible. Each pane reflects its respective mirrored image, giving the illusion of a three dimensional hologram. In this specific example, I have rendered out a personal project that animates a liquid bubble to the lower frequencies of songs. In the near future, I can imagine seeing this sort graphic plastered around night clubs everywhere. With additional refinements to branding guidelines, this bumping bubble could really sell some drinks!

Watch this space for future blogs, where we roll out our hologram based on a 70 inch screen!

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