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Machine Learning: What it means for the Creative Industry and Beyond

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Technology has always defined wealth and power in the world. Those who controlled it had the power, from developing more efficient farming tools, to industrialization, to the information and coding era we live in today. These technologies have one thing in common: they were completely dominated and controlled by people. Nonetheless, things are changing... again.

In the rapidly developing industry of machine learning, machines aren't being given step by step explicit instructions anymore. They are being trained, with artificial intelligence (AI) programs becoming more mainstream – think of our personal AI assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Now. Google and Facebook have already implemented machine learning to make suggestions to you about your friends and purchases. However, these are very simple iterations of machine learning.

The more complex AI on the market right now are project management AI, which can be hired for creative projects (an area previously reserved solely for human work). Technology simply wasn’t capable of originality. However, AI are excellent at breaking down a complicated task into multiple simple tasks, reducing even creative projects to step-by-step processes. On a creative project, the AI will find and contact freelance designers needed to complete a project and assign tasks and dates to each member. Then, the AI will constantly monitor the work of the freelancers, rapidly learning how to perform the freelancers’ work. Instead of designers and programmers setting tasks for technology, the opposite is becoming more common-place. For more information on machine learning and what it means for our society, I highly recommend checking out this wonderful video.

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