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Technology - We need to stop looking down!

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We need to stop looking down!

We are becoming a society that looks at our phones more than we look at the world around us. The small screen is a window to the world that whole generations look through, is giving them such a wider view of the world with so much more at their fingertips. Using an iPhone, iPad, Android, even Apple Watch has become everyday life, part of our routine.

Having a thought and being able to validate it by looking it up where ever you are is amazing, to say the least. We pull out a device, look at a screen, and instantly have information beneath our noses. However, we are forgetting to look up. We used to say "stop and smell the roses"; now, we are just taking pictures of roses, posting them online, and not really stopping to smell them or look around.

Our company works on mobile apps and creates ideas and technology used by these devices, but we need to find ways to give ourselves and our kids a new way to look at the world, through a new lens. Augmented reality (AR) is a step toward a composite view of the world, with technology superimposing data over reality. I am not sure Google Glasses got it right – or now Apple with iGlass and its new ARkit.

Analyst: ARKit will be the basis of ‘iGlass’ smart glasses accessory from Apple - 9to5Mac

Let’s agree to put the phone down at dinner or in a restaurant, or everywhere we are when we are using it when we should be experiencing and sharing with the people in front of us (not the people we share with through our devices). Our own AR app ActivateInk will start to push the next steps in AR as technology wearables increase - like soon-to-be-announced Apple Smart Glass, or as Google relaunches its own Google Glass. We may see the information and technology start to get out of the way of the devices and become more integrated in a real view of the world.

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