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Logo-A-Go-Go! Identity Design at MindActive

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We at MindActive are admittedly a technical bunch – we’re always showing off our latest projects with cutting-edge web and digital technology (apps, holograms, motion graphics, and so on). However, this doesn’t mean we’re uninterested in more traditional forms of graphic design. On the contrary, we bring the same passion we have for those techie marketing programs to our print and logo design projects.

Personally, I find logo design to be one of the most challenging and rewarding types of graphic design work. Designing a great logo is like writing a poem — you need to find a way to elegantly pack a lot of ideas into one graceful gesture.

Is your graphic identity a DYI project?

It’s tempting to think logo design is a simple task, but the truth about brand development is that it’s often harder for an insider involved with a company’s day-to-day business to visually define their brand. Graphic designers often say the most difficult client to design for is yourself! An experienced graphic professional offers an objective point of view and can take a more “big picture” view of your brand’s identity – one closely related to what your audience thinks, sees and understands. They can find the most important elements of your brand identity and effectively express those concepts visually through a logo design.

Simple is not the same as elegantly simple

Creating a brand identity often involves a thorough discovery process. This involves research about your brand’s personality, your audience, and your competitors. Then comes a period of brainstorming, conceptualizing, and sketching. The design of a logo may be simple, but designers make sure every tiny detail is perfect, down to smallest spaces between elements. I’ve spent hours just creating slight variations on the arrangements of letters in a logo, to find the perfect composition with maximum legibility, balance, and flow.

It marks everything your brand touches

A logo design must be recognizable enough to instantly get across a brand’s message, while being unique and unexpected enough to stand out in a crowded visual landscape. Your logo is like your signature — it’s the personal, defining element that marks everything your brand touches. Potential customers or clients will immediately understand your product, your values, and your culture through your visual identity, so you need to make it count! It’s an investment that captures your brand’s unique position.

Need a new or refreshed logo design for your business or organization? MindActive cooks up hand-crafted, artisanal logo designs made with love! Give us a call and let’s get started.

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